Shenandoah County wants your input on what this county should look like in 20 years
The Shenandoah County Comprehensive Plan is up for revision, and just like the Town asked for feedback on its Comprehensive Plan, the County wants feedback from residents, especially in how the County cooperates and operates with the Town of Toms Brook.
In order to reach all parts of the county, there is a citizens’ advisory board. The representative for this area is Rochelle Dornatt of Toms Brook.
The County formed a committee called the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Comprehensive Plan, chartered by the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors in January of 2006 with its mission being to review the Shenandoah County Comprehensive Plan and propose updates and revisions to the plan as needed. The committee functions as a volunteer subcommittee under the Shenandoah County Planning Commission.
The CAC will hold community meetings throughout the county to educate the public about the existing comp plan and then to gather input from residents about what they'd like the county to be in 20 years.  Right now, the first of these meetings is tentatively planned for Toms Brook on September 30th at the fire hall.
Another way residents can have a voice in the process is to visit this link and complete the simple survey:
Let the county hear from you. Participate in the county’s comprehensive plan process.


Toms Brook Town Council meets the second Thursday of every month at 7pm at St. Peter's Lutheran Church at 3343 S. Main St. The meeting can be joined via Zoom using the link below:



The Town of Toms Brook is accepting bids for sidewalk repair and replacement. The Town will be using ARPA funds to repair or replace specific portions of sidewalk within the Town between August 2022 and August 2024. Those looking to submit a bid should contact Mayor Currie at to obtain specific details on the sidewalk portions in need of repair and submittal instructions. All bids should be submitted by 5pm on July 29, 2022. Those interested must be licensed and insured in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Proposed Amendments to Town Zoning Ordinance and Town Code

The Town of Toms Brook will hold a joint public hearing of the Town Council and Planning Commission at 7:00pm on August 11, 2022, at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in the fellowship hall at 3343 South Main Street, Toms Brook. The purpose of this meeting is to receive public comment on proposed amendments to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance and Town Code. Amendments and additions will include the following:

The proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance will address the establishment and operation of short-term rentals within the Town. Full text versions of the proposed addition and amendment are available on the Town website, Hard copies will be available at the Town Office. Written comments pertaining to the proposed addition and amendment will be accepted until 5pm August 10, 2022, and can be sent via email to or to

Click on the links below to read the full-text versions of the proposed addition and amendment:

  • Addition of Short-Term Rental Ordinance to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance
  • Modifications to the Town’s Transient Occupancy Tax Ordinance to address the use of short-term rentals being include in the Town’s Zoning Ordinance

Job Opening:

The Town of Toms Brook is searching for a part-time maintenance employee. The annual contracted position requires:

  • Seasonal lawn service of .7 acres of grass
  • Timely snow removal on Miller and Hillcrest Drives when necessary
  • Sidewalk cleaning (at least twice annually)
  • Removal of brush and branches that imped pedestrian or traffic visibility or flow (when needed)
  • Removal of debris from gutters (at least twice annually depending on growth)
  • Hanging and removing of seasonal flags (Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Christmas)

Those interested must be licensed and insured by the Commonwealth of Virginia. For additional information or to offer a bid, contact Mayor Lisa Currie at