The Town of Toms Brook is accepting applications for a part-time (12 to 14 hours a week) Town Clerk/Treasurer

The position is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of official town records, providing support to the mayor and town council, managing town financial records, accounts payables and receivables and tax bill preparations/billings; and assisting with the annual town budget and audit. Previous experience in accounting practices and procedures required.

Candidates must have excellent written and verbal competencies, customer service skills, and current QuickBooks and Microsoft Office expertise.

The Toms Brook Town Clerk/Treasurer is a professional, courteous, detail-oriented person able to handle confidential information as well as be an independent worker and a resourceful team player.

Send resume and letter of interest to Mayor Lisa Currie, at

Shenandoah County wants your input on what this county should look like in 20 years
The Shenandoah County Comprehensive Plan is up for revision, and just like the Town asked for feedback on its Comprehensive Plan, the County wants feedback from residents, especially in how the County cooperates and operates with the Town of Toms Brook.
In order to reach all parts of the county, there is a citizens’ advisory board. The representative for this area is Rochelle Dornatt of Toms Brook.
The County formed a committee called the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Comprehensive Plan, chartered by the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors in January of 2006 with its mission being to review the Shenandoah County Comprehensive Plan and propose updates and revisions to the plan as needed. The committee functions as a volunteer subcommittee under the Shenandoah County Planning Commission.
The CAC will hold community meetings throughout the county to educate the public about the existing comp plan and then to gather input from residents about what they'd like the county to be in 20 years.  Right now, the first of these meetings is tentatively planned for Toms Brook on September 30th at the fire hall.
Another way residents can have a voice in the process is to visit this link and complete the simple survey:
Let the county hear from you. Participate in the county’s comprehensive plan process.


Due to the coming inclement weather, the Toms Brook Planning Commission will be postponing the regularly scheduled meeting to Thursday, January 13th at 6pm. This meeting will be held at the Lutheran Church.