In 2013, the Town of Toms Brook undertook an update to its 2007 Comprehensive Plan to address current and future growth and change in the Town. This document serves as a guiding vision for the community.

Comprehensive Plan
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Zoning Ordinance

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Anyone who is conducting business with the Toms Brook town limits is REQUIRED to obtain a business license from the town office.

The first step is to complete the business license application and return it to the town office. A business license is good for ONE (1) calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Business license taxes are due on March 1 of each year. The tax may be a flat rate or based upon on the percentage of gross receipts.

First time applicants: a fee is paid on the initial application based on estimated gross receipts. When renewing the license the following year, a fee is paid based on the prior year?s actual gross receipts. If there is a difference between the estimated and the actual receipts, an adjustment will be made.

All subsequent renewals are based on gross receipts.

Please see the attached link for Chapter 10 of the ordinance booklet for more information including new information on the taxation of beer and alcohol products.


A zoning permit is required for any building and/or structures that are to be constructed, assembled, moved, enlarged structurally altered, replaced, or demolished. Common examples include new houses, additions, decks, fences, storage buildings, and driveways. Please contact the Town Planner prior to starting your project to ensure it is in compliance with Town Regulations.

Zoning Application Submission Deadlines

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